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Once Upon a Twist: Sleeping beauty, lineart by TashOToole Once Upon a Twist: Sleeping beauty, lineart by TashOToole
So.. It's a been a long time since I've submitted any work here, But I want to start doing so again.

This piece I have done for the inside cover of my first of many children's books. It is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, where the amazing prince who sets off to rescue the sleeping princess is helped by his brave, gay, twin sister. It is a story about love, in all it's forms.
I shall share with you the first three verses. :)

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away,

lived a lovely king and queen, with a daughter who was gay.

Though this was not yet known, as her heart was filled with fear,

that if she shared the way she felt, she would lose those she held dear.

This princess had a brother, her handsome, taller twin,

they loved to challenge each other, although he’d always win.

Their names were Finn and Lacey, and both wanted to be a knight,

but everyone would frown and say, “A princess should NOT fight!”

Still the princess practiced, with sword, and shield, and bow,

whenever she was not forced to learn, to curtsy, dance, and sew.

When the prince would best her, he would laugh and smile with glee,

but he would take her hand and say, “You’ll get better, wait and see.”

The princess was a tall girl, with a strong yet slender frame,

Eyes of glistening amber, and hair no comb could tame.

It came just past her shoulders, and was coloured chocolate brown.

It made her mother sad, but she would never wear it down.

She hated frilly dresses, with satin, lace, and bows,

and all the things that go with them, like gloves and pantyhose.

Instead she chose to dress in clothes her brother had outgrown,

tunics, pants and boots, with socks and belts that she had sewn.

She always used her manners, was polite, happy, and kind.

Adventurous and funny, and she always spoke her mind.

She wasn't quite the lady that the kingdom had expected,

but by her family she was very deeply loved, and well respected.

Not so far from there, in a kingdom just next door,

lived a sweet princess named Alice, who the twins came to adore.

When she was just an infant, three good fairies came along,

to bestow on her the gifts, of beauty, and of song.

Before the third could give her gift, another spoke up first.

An angry, evil fairy, and she left the princess cursed.

The king turned to the third fairy, as the queen began to cry,

“Can you please undo this, so our princess will not die?!”

“I cannot take the curse away, but I can give her this.

From sleep, not death, she will awake, when given true love’s kiss.”

A puff of smoke then filled the air, the evil fled away.

The curse was bent, but not removed, to the king and queen’s dismay.


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April 20
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